Junkie signature t-shirt white with black logo front view
Junkie signature t-shirt white with black logo back view


Signature T-shirt (White)

Sale price$40.00

Black-owned Brand: Junkie
Brand Meaning: Unlock Your Potential
Shirt Color: White 
Logo/design Color: Black(embroidery)
Material: 100% Cotton
Fitting: Unisex

Our review: Junkie is a fairly new clothing line! In less than 2 months, their brand has taken great strides towards twisting a meaning of a long-lived name, Junkie. These t-shirts are the first to ever be released! Fully manufactured, and features an embroidered front and back logo. It's wonderful for a new brand to receive new supporters! Before you purchase, ask yourself... What am I good at doing? What's my Junkie?