Junkie front view of pink tank top with rose signature front logo for women
Junkie back view of pink tank top with rose signature back logo for women


Signature Tank Top (Rose)

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Black-owned Brand: Junkie
Brand Meaning: Unlock Your Potential
Tank Color: Pink
Logo/design Color: Rose
Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Fitting: Tight Fit, Women's Fit

Our review: Junkie is a fairly new clothing line! In less than 2 months, their brand has taken great strides towards twisting a meaning of a long-lived name, Junkie. These tank tops are fully manufactured, and features a sublimated front and back logo for long-lasting results after wash and wear. It's wonderful for a new brand to receive new supporters! Before you purchase, ask yourself... What am I good at doing? What's my Junkie?